Splendid Shags

Posted on July 2, 2017


I’ve been waiting a life time to write that headline.

Following on from the Peregrin encounter here are some magnificent Shags on the west coast of Lundy. One you will see is sitting on several white eggs, surely just about to pop.

For those of us having difficulty differentiating between Shags and Cormorants here’s some simple guidance.

Shags are birds of the coast. Occasionally, they turn up inland along rivers and lakes, but usually alone (cormorants are often seen in groups inland). The shag’s beak is more delicate in comparison to the cormorant’s and the forehead angle is steeper. Young birds sometimes show the hint of the adult bird’s crest.

The cormorant has a stouter, more powerful beak than the shag. The angle of its forehead where it joins the beak is shallower and the yellow skin around the face is more extensive. Cormorants can be found either on the coast or at inland waters, where there are some large breeding colonies.


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Canon 7d mk2 w/70-300mm IS L DO

More birds coming soon

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