Away from the maddening crowds and into the Lundy heather

Posted on August 25, 2019


to breathe ………


Summer in North Devon is such a bitter sweet experience. In my little village the population swells from about a thousand to 30 thousand, and this brings a strain on the resources and inevitably causes stress to visitors and locals alike. People who live in Cities can cope with traffic chaos, mass migration, queues and bad manners. We are used to lane courtesy, space, doing your own thing and empty beaches, like this …

… photo was taken in June (26/6/19).



Here they come.


The madding crowd.


Just 3 weeks after the first photo was taken …..


When it gets as swamped as this, it’s nice to get away from the crowds with an unexpected day trip to breathe on Lundy. The bonus being that the heather is in full glorious bloom.












First outing for the Fujinon 200mm f2, too early for an assessment but the word sharp will inevitably feature if I do a review.

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