The colours of Autumn

Posted on November 7, 2020


Autumn, the season of melancholy and mellow fruitfulness is for many such a sad time of year. Summer is a distant memory, the nights draw in and the chill returns to your breath. However, the last hoorah of nature before the winter lockdown is such a joyous time of the year for photographers but it can also be nerve racking, The colours, the light, the trees, the mists, the clouds, and the gamble.

Scouting venues is an ongoing process for us photographers, wandering and watching, you are constantly looking for interesting elements and trying to anticipate future scenarios. In autumn on exmoor, this means looking for beech and oak trees and knowing when the leaves start to turn. Keeping a very beady eye on the weather and also, not forgetting your tripod after a 40 minute drive and a half hour walk! (Doh).

Even when you are on top of all the controllables, it can still go tits up: An overnight storm can blow most of the leaves off and cause a babbling brook to turn into a raging torrent. Or a footpath becomes impassable. Or just as the elements come together, it rains heavily. Or that ‘interesting tree’ finally gives-up a falls into a very ‘un-interesting’ position.

As ever, you can only work with what you’ve got and try and make the best of it. There is always next year for that perfect shot.

Pictures of the West Lyn and surrounding area taken late October and early November 2020.

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