A heavy dump on top

Posted on March 10, 2021


Pretty in white and a joy to photograph Exmoor is a special place in the snow, but it can get dodgy on the narrow and often un-gritted roads, especially if it snows while you’re out wandering. In these conditions it is proper 4 wheel drive territory but even then, you have to have your ‘josh witts’ about you; this ain’t a frosty Sainsbury’s car park in Swindon.

For the natural residents; especially the hardy ‘blue horn’ sheep and the ponies, life goes on as normal aside from it’s a little tougher and colder on the nose to get to the grazing. At least there’s a little light relief to be had from the high revving and inept driving from some of the silly, sideways slip-sliding, humans  ..


Beech leaf


Road to snowhere


Exmoor blue horn




Small Haws


The singing ringing tree


Ponies of the storm


It’s a hard days night


and I’ve been chewing frozen ass


Porlock box


It was black, and white privilege 

Beech hedge splendour


This is it

and finally,  Southern Wood


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