All six seasons in one day on top

Posted on October 29, 2021


We’ve all got a bit too comfortable with our weather prediction apps.

“it’s not what they said” has replaced “it’s that fine rain that soaks you through” in our everyday greetings. Well at least where I live anyway.

So it was at a promise of big skies that prompted a early autumnal visit to the ‘Roof’ (Exmoor) and to ‘make a hike’ not to Bideford but Larkbarrow.

But the mist just wouldn’t shift “like they said it would”. No matter, I love photographing in the mist (alert from getting soaked through), you just need a different mindset.


Young beach (‘Oh I could better than that’).

The road to nowhere (Larkbarrow).

Detail: Drops

Mist slowly lifting on the deer park

And revealing more layers of the Moor.

Golden brown (Gordon Brown – texture like sun).

Larkbarrow big cloud.

Exmoor blue horned (with barbed wire).

Finally the fog cleared to reveal some Horizons and Big Skies.

Portrait of Pam and Hamish (slightly underexposed on purpose).

Exmoor in blue and straw (loving this one).

Finally, the tunnel of trees, before all the leaves get blown off. #autumn

Thanks for looking.

And all your lovely comments at the local exhibition.

Cheers m’dears.