Lundy with Liz

Posted on April 10, 2022


Back to the rock for what I think is my 25th stay on the island, and to celebrate I’ve come with one veteran and two Lundy virgins.

This time to Stoneycroft and it’s magical electricity thing…

Crucifixion? One cross each…

First sight of the Stoney Croft from the  helicopter..

Here’s Liz, not looking too comfortable, clocking up her air miles tokens….

Liz and Adrian were Lundy Virg’s and we had a fun time showing them around, especially as Adrian had family connections who used to farm on the island.

Where better to get aquatinted and soak up some history, than the pub.

Leading wall lines to the Tavern, while the church looks over your shoulder.

Croft of the Stoneys, built to house visiting Trinity House and other important peeps.

Being close to the Old Light meant that when there was any special light, you had a ready made subject and star of the show. Like this

And this..

Talking of which, here’s some sun kissed buttresses.

and a rusty gate latch…

and a rainbow over the Tavern (There’s always a rainbow over the tavern).

‘Carrying coal back to Stoneycroft’.

West coast resistance.

Starlings by the water tanks.

This is my fav

Hiding in the Lundy forest..

Deer on the doorstep at Tibbetts.

The boys are back on the top

with Big Guy..

and not too afraid of the camera.

Here he is, big daddy.

Rocket pole pond


and Oyster catchers…

Had a bit of creative block recently (due to reasons that I fully understand – he said…), but

a good walk in the cold wind on the moor and watching a watery sunset this evening have  helped.

If you click on the images they become bigger (bigger is better), (your Mum was bigger).




Mum, rusty, latch.