Cooling down on the East river

Posted on July 17, 2022


Here’s a few abstracts and mood shots from this mornings bimble along the East Lyn. Even by summer standards, there’s not a lot of water in the old girl but the deep pools are still there and plenty of locals were cooling off in them. It’s prime fishing season too on this ‘catch & release’ river and there were abundant troutling and ample fly fishers, in hot sweaty wadders (mmmm),  willing to play with them. Every one of them was searching for the elusive Lynmouth salmon that used to be abundant, and the reason why the lodge was built at Watersmeet, but are now sadly; quite rare.

It brings to mind a prophecy of the Cree Indians: “When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.”




Fern in the gully

Sunlit stone


Cool patterns

Trout in the pool

Peace and calm

Let’s drift away

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The Fujifilm XH-1 did and amazing job here,

beautiful colours and all without a tripod.

Fanx for watching.