The essential contentment of futile wanderings

Posted on January 31, 2011


Surfer Stuart Campbell surfing at my home beach, Woolacombe.

This is my new book of ‘lyrics’ which is published tomorrow (1st Feb). It’s more of a booklet really containing 24 pages with 8 new verses and 12 photos and is hand printed to give it a lovely glossy finish.

The words (not too sure if you can call them poems) were the initial impetus to get the project going and are still very much a work in progress  but I have recently found the courage to publish them and this has given me the confidence to make this little book. The photos are my personal favourites from the past year or so that haven’t previously been published and they seem to go quite well with the moody tone of the whole project.

Anyway you can buy a copy from my website if you wish, and if  you mention this blog can have a deal, just £9.99 plus 67p postage, how’s that! Send your name and address and a paypal payment to  <>. More detail here: