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Three degrees tour 2011 UKPST daily updates

October 1, 2011


FINAL DAY and we were greeted by a maelstrom at Rest bay, but despite the very difficult conditions there was some excellent surfing, some drama and upsets and a fairytale win for Jayce Robinson, who finally made the breakthrough with a well deserved victory. Beth Mason kept her cool to do the job in the […]

In My Opinion

September 23, 2011


Getting amped for the UKProTour event at Lynmouth this autumn and cant wait to see Britain’s best surfers hacking into one of Britain’s best waves. The event will be run in one day and the UKPST has allotted three wildcards from the 32 man draw to the local surf clubs; Croyde, Woolacombe and Westward Ho! […]

Holga portraits at Quik Pro Junior

September 2, 2011


I am really enjoying using the ‘hit and miss’ Holga lens at the mo. The exposures are all over the shop, and the focus is agricultural – to say the least but, the massive vignetting and softness force you into a different mindset to get a result. The technique I have developed so far is […]

Judge Not

July 30, 2011


One day all judging towers will be as good as this one. Erected at Downend by Croyde Surf Club for the Atlantic Watersports Games, this little beauty was spacious, remote and with a superb view of the action from low tide up to high. Not only was it practical success, it is a great place […]

The pleasure and the pain

May 23, 2011


Yesterday was a massive day for English surfers, literally. Conditions for the English Championships at Watergate Bay were horrendous, strong onshore winds had whipped up froth to the horizon and competitors needed every second of the 15 minutes paddle out time to get out back. Only the fit and the brave accepted the challenge to […]

All the sun that shines

April 12, 2011


It all started when I saw one of my photos posted by someone else on Magicseaweed. It was quite upsetting momentarily but it was all easily and quickly sorted by the chaps at the ‘weed’ (who didn’t want to get their asses sued) and I got a nice apology from a grom (who probably didn’t […]

Goat boats go home

April 5, 2011


Nobody knows who rode the first wave for pleasure or where. However for the Polynesian people of the south Pacific, it is known that surfing has been an important part of their culture for the past 1,000 years and probably longer. Then along came captain Cook and his visit to Hawaii let the surfing gene […]

Burning Bright

March 26, 2011


I’m looking forward to joining Joel Gray and Lee Bartlett at the Retallack Resort (that houses the Flowrider) this weekend for a Surf Solutions coaching session with the next generation of UK groms. I’m gonna have my UK Pro Surf Tour judging hat on and am expecting lotsa questions like; “does a hands free get […]

Easy Living

March 21, 2011


          There’s been a real spring-like feeling in the air, it’s gone flat (and the Magnolia are in bud) which is a sign that summer is just around the corner! Here’s a poem about how wonderful it is to be a surfer in summertime (which is our natural state I think). […]

Horsemen, apocalypse and catflaps

March 12, 2011


As the four horsemen of the apocalypse saddle up and prepare to lay waste to our beautiful blue planet it is perhaps time to remind ourselves that not all waves travel at 500 mph and some are associated with joy rather than desolation. Sequence: Stuart Campbell out of the cat flap at Croyde last autumn. […]