At last of the Autumn kindling

Posted on February 19, 2023


So much went wrong with my plans to just wander around the planet and take photographs of nature to make people aware of what a wonderful planet we are privileged to live on, and make a million pounds (Rodney) on the way. But. I think I’ve finally managed to get on top of things and am able to post more regularly to you my trusted 29 followers. It turns out that, like a pair of trusted and comfortable walking boots nothing lasts forever and my seemingly bulletproof 2009 Mac won’t accept any more updates, I don’t know why …….

So having finally found the dosh (and time) to sort out a new computer and workflow, here are a few shots from an old card recording the 2022 Autumn in N Dev.

On the Way to Hoar Oak Cottage (above) and Silver Birch near Watersmeet (below).

Autumn interlocking spurs on the East Lyn (above) and the Old Fishing Lodge at Watersmeet (below).

Hooose with roof on the South West coast path (below).

Autumn candidate for next year’s calendar (below), Autumn sunshine on a Exmoor lane.

Winter Sunset over Baggy Point (below) taken at 4.38pm just before the longest night 2022. Amongst the gloom there is always light.

Fuji X-T5

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